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I went for the manicure *SHUDDERS* and a chick from my photography class works there, she like "Oh, your in my photography class. You probably wont reconized me..Miranda...I bumped into you in the darkroom" I just nodded..she one of the snobby ones in my class...so its werid she was talking to me...

Sat around while my nails were drying...they talk about weird things up there o.o;; Listened to some of it..listen to the radio...kinda..it was so low, it was hard to hear.

There so shiiiiinnnnny. They wont last me long. ^_^;; Heh.

Still have to sand my turtle shell, now I have to wear gloves so it "Doesn't ruin my nails". I don't care..

Anyways, Guess thats all
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