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I'M BACKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrow!

Ok. I know I havn't updated in hell knows how long..o.o;;
Lotta crap happened..much I can't remember...
You know that boyfriend I had..broke up..and he couldn't even tell me! Got my fried to do it..
John(Nicole's bf. And Damn hot ><;;): Don't talk to Jason today
Me: Why?
John: Nicole will tell you..
Me: *To Nicole* Why Can't I talk to Jason?
Nicole: Umm..I don't want to see the look on your face..
Me: Tell me!
Me: Does he want to break up with me?
Nicole:..Yes..He said it was a "Friendship relationship"..
Me: Jerk!
O.O;; Yep. There was something Nicole said. She didn't want to tell me cuz she didn't want to the look on my face, and wouldn't be able to look at me after..*sweatdrop*

Umm...Christmas was goooooddd! I got Lots of Buffy things. I GOT THE FIRST SEASON!! WH00T!!! But my parents said I can't get Season 2. Too much money. Meh! Buying it anyways. ^-^;;;
And Nicole left my and our other friend's present at her mom's. Which is downtown. So I think I might get it tomorrow. If she remembers. ^^;; Hah! X-mas isn't over (for me..)! And I present my mom ordered is coming at the end of Jan. Hopefully. ^-^;; Fweeeeee.

GahGahGah. MROW!!!!

It was my sis's b-day yesterday..she wasn't here..went to Green Bay for a football game with her fiancee. ><; *bashes him with a 2x4.*

Buffy: *Walks in, stops infront of Dawn*
Dawn: *Kicks her in the shins* Dumbass!
Buffy: Ow! *looks at Xander*
Xander: Don't look at me. This is a Summers thing. Its all very violent
Quotables! *Could have a entry full of quotes.* ^^;;

Anyhoo...Guess thats all! ^_^;;;

Ohh! And even though its late: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^^;;
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