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Sat Mornin's

Yes. I'm a nerd. Every Saturday mornings, I get up and watch ABC kids. Seeing as I don't have Disney Channel anymore. I usually watch Thats so Raven, Suit life of Zack & Cody, and Phil of the Future (And I'm frickin' addicted to PoTF) ^_^;;; Then usually got to watching Catilin's way ((I saw it a couple weeks ago, I was like "OMFG! Re-Runs!!!!")) Damn Strange Days at Blakeholsey High has been re-runs! (I spelt it wrong *dies from tiredness*) and then watch Reba. Yep. Thats my Sat Mornings.

Parents get home tomorrow. Yay.

*SQUEALS* I forgot, I saw the HP & GoF trailer. IT LOOKS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, guess thats all
KEEP FLYIN'!!!!!!!
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