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I'm Alive..Kinda..

I keep forgetting to update. And I'm becoming to lazy.

Halloween..I stayed home. I dressed up. And had to hand out candy the whole night..Of course..I was a Vampire! Mwahaha! :D
There were two kawaii little toddlers (I think they were.) The first one was a little elephant, and then later, the second was a kitty!

And Nicole (My Friend) wrote me a note on Friday..so I wrote one today, and she gave me another..Bleeh! I don't like writing notes..

I got highlights on Sat. There kinda reddish..>.<;; I look very weird..

Ooh! Today a guy asked me out. O.O;; Thats a first..a guy NEVER asks me out..and he wasn't joking either. ((Like some guys, There friends dare them to ask a girl out..jerks..)) I want to say yes..but he asked my friend out alooong time ago..and she kinda doesn't like him.. But I told her...1) A guy NEVER asks me out..2)It never lasts long anyways..like a week. Anyways, He said "Think about it." So I was going to give him my answer after school..but he wasn't there. DIE! I have to tell him tomorrow..

Meeh. Guess thats all.

7 days Untill My Birthday!! ^-^;;
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